Why ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ is Good, Actually

The black sheep of the ‘Mario’ franchise shines through with its originality and storytelling, and that terrifies players.

Today, Nintendo finally dropped Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a veritable collection of three of the best games in the Mario franchise, if not all of video game-dom itself.

Why People Hate ‘Super Mario Sunshine’

First off, we should all acknowledge that Super Mario Sunshine’s vilified status is due somewhat in part to meme culture. Folks think it’s fun to pick on the oddball, and the psychoanalysis of latent otherism in that stance will have to be saved for another time.

Why People Should Love ‘Super Mario Sunshine’

Games as a low art, just now breaking out of its nascent stage, are allowed to be many things — sometimes toys, sometimes sports, sometimes big-budget entertainment, but in the mainstream consciousness, games are still struggling to find the allowance to simply be stories.

  • More importantly: characterization for Peach, who gets more voiced lines in this scene than she does in most games and is pitched as the clear-headed character of the impromptu trio

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